“All-in-One” Solar Street Light

About the Product:

  • A completely compact design module with integrated Solar panel, LED light, Charge controller, Battery and Sensors
  • Completely Off-Grid design with easy installation
  • Three types of sensors:
  • Motion Sensors: Automatically dims when no movement during night
  • Dirt Indication Sensor
  • Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor


Technical Details:

“All-in-one” Solar Street light has 4 models: 15W, 20W, 25W & 40W

Technical Specifications of 15W & 20W


Technical Specifications of 25W & 40W



  • 100% green solar solution
  • High cost savings with assured ROI
  • All weather proof solar light solution
  • Zero carbon foot prints
  • Enables intelligent & efficient working
  • Smart and sleek product with optimum space utilisation


  • Apartments & guesthouse lighting
  • Communities & campuses
  • Industrial lighting purposes
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Parking lots illumination
  • Yard & Security Lighting
  • Railway yard & station
  • Park & Pathways
  • Forest & Off grid areas
  • Other Commercial purposes


Our Customers

We have established a great customer portfolio in both Government & Private sector.

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