Solar energy is by far the largest of all carbon-neutral energy sources. Solar electricity is a $7.5 billion industry growing at a rate of 35-40% per annum globally. Sun is earth’s natural power house. It’s the primary source of clean and abundant energy. It deposits 120,000 TW of radiation on the surface of the Earth, far exceeding human needs. Covering 0.16% of the land on Earth with 10% efficient solar conversion systems would provide 20 TW of power, nearly twice the world’s consumption rate of fossil energy and the equivalent 20,000 1-GWe nuclear fission plants. These comparisons only exemplify the potential of solar resource, providing energy far more potent than present-day human technology can achieve.

Among the non-conventional, renewable energy sources, solar energy affords great potential for conversion into electric power, able to ensure an important part of the electrical energy needs of the planet.

Solar energy is free, practically inexhaustible, and involves no polluting residues or greenhouse gas emissions. The conversion of the solar light into electrical energy represents one of the most promising and challenging energetic technologies, in continuous development, being clean, silent and reliable, with very low maintenance costs and minimal ecological impact. The conversion, principle of solar light into electricity, called Photo-Voltaic or PV conversion, is not very new, but the efficiency improvement of the PV conversion equipment is still one of top priorities for many academic and/or industrial research groups all over the world.

Solar System Integrators

All designs are done after doing a detailed consumer requirement study.

  • Site visit: To study the exact demand requirement
  • Suncast
  • Suggest the best possible solar system integration solution available in the market
  • Procurement of the CAD drawing
  • Prepare & submit a detailed project report
  • Installation & commissioning

Harvest the sun for your energy needs